SEAMEO Regional Language Centre


30 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258352

Tel : +65 6885 7888
Fax : +65 6734 2753
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A. Member of the Governing Board

B. Director, Professional and Support Staff Members

Position/Field of Specialization
Ms Susan Leong
Centre Director
Dr Alvin Pang
Head (Training, Research, Assessment & Consultancy)
Mr Paul Dixon
Acting Deputy Head (Language Teaching/Training, Research, Assessment & Consultancy)
Ms Melissa Sim
Centre Secretary
Mr Francis Choo
General Manager, RELC Hotel
Ms Vidya Ramnani
Senior Manager (Business Development & Operations)
Ms Jessie To Sock Hian
Finance Controller
Mr Loo Yow Tong
Manager (Scholarship & Corporate Enterprise)
Mr Chong Chin Heng
Group Head (Information Technology & Library)
Ms Bay Ping Flora
Head Librarian
Ms Joyce Oliverio
Senior Centre Secretariat Executive